Business Overview
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Business Overview

1. Agro Business

Tipco Foods Public Company Limited is the producer and distributor of the following products:

  1. Canned pineapple
  2. Pineapple juice concentrate
  3. Aseptic crushed pineapple
  4. Pineapple in plastic cup
  5. Pineapple in retort pouch
  6. Canned tropical fruit salad
  7. Tropical fruit salad in plastic cup
  8. Canned aloe vera
  9. Aseptic crushed aloe vera
  10. Coconut milk products and canned coconut juice

2. Biotech Business

Tipco Biotech Company Limited is a subsidiary company which is engaged in the plant extract and agricultural business as follows:

Plant Extract Business Unit

The company is the producer of plant extracts that serve as ingredients for manufacturing food, beverage, cosmetics, food supplement, and medicine. The company’s plant extract factory which has the largest smelter in Thailand operates at the highest level of efficiency and safety. The company also provides fully integrated customer services ranging from raw material procurement, de-hydration, grinding to production of extract substances. The Company also works with customers in developing an extracting process through laboratory experiments for real production at the industrial level.

Agricultural Business Unit

The company operates the agricultural business by Tipco Biotech Co.,Ltd., with a special focus on new plant strain research and development as well as seedling cultivation. Homsuwan pineapple is the outstanding product with its uniqueness in taste and aroma and proved to be very successful in the Fresh Fruit market. Moreover, the agricultural business also support the Food & Beverage Business Unit in term of raw material supply.

3. Consumer Business

Tipco F&B Company Limited is a joint and Tipco Foods Public Company Limited. The company is the producer and distributor of the following ready-to-drink beverage products:

1. Ready-to-drink fruit juice and vegetable juice products

  1. Tipco 100% fruit juice
  2. Tipco Veggie - 100% mixed vegetable and fruit juice
  3. Tipco Super Kid - 100% fruit juice/mixed vegetable and fruit juice for kids
  4. Tipco Super Fruit Essence – Combo of pomegranate juice concentrate and prune juice concentrate plus fig pulp
  5. Tipco Fruit Plus – 100% fruit juice/mixed vegetable and fruit juice plus aloe vera pulp
  6. Tipco Squeeze – 100% pasteurized fruit juice and mixed vegetable and fruit juice
  7. Tipco Cool Fit - 40% mixed vegetable and fruit juice
  8. Tipco Profiber - 100% mixed vegetable and fruit juice plus high fiber help available in 2 300 ml PET bottle and 1 liter carton.

2. Mineral water product

The Aura mineral water product is available in different bottle sizes, 300 ML, 500 ML and 1.5 L. Aura mineral water is drawn directly from a cold spring located at a high mountain area, 2,700 feet above sea level, in Pong Yaeng Subdistrict, Mae Rim District, Chiangmai Province. This cold spring, which is a very large reservoir, is located 297 feet deep under the ground, and is among a few sources of its kind in the world and the only source in Thailand. The natural mineral water is bottled without involving the chemical process.

4. Retail Business

Tipco Retail Company Limited is a subsidiary company established by the joint investment between Tipco Foods Public Company Limited and Tipco F&B Company Limited, operating the retail business under the logo ‘Squeeze Juice Bar by Tipco’. The company’s products cover the following:

1. Smoothies: Fresh fruit puree smoothies without sugar or syrup with soft and smooth content can be divided into the following categories:

  • Super Fruit
  • Hi Fiber
  • Mega Smoothie
  • Anti-Aging

2. Wheatgrass: Freshly extracted wheatgrass juice provides supplemental nutrition with many health benefits including promotion of detoxification and cancer prevention.

3. Mountain Beans: Coffee drinks with special recipes are available at our Squeeze Juice Bar shop. We carefully select high quality coffee beans materials for our customers.

4. Healthy Meal: The healthy meal menu for health-conscious customers is offered at the counter of our Squeeze Juice Bar shop. We have a variety of freshly prepared meals every day from salad, soup to sandwich.

5. Special Goods:

  • Happy yogurt: Our yogurt is made from 100% cow milk, containing micro-organism that helps improve the body's excretion and immune systems.
  • Happy Soya: Our soy milk drink is made from Non-GMO soy beans with less sugar, containing no milk powder. One Happy Soya bottle contains high nutrition.

In addition, our Squeeze Juice Bar shop is also a distribution point of products of the group companies such as Tipco fruit juice, Homsuwan pineapple, etc.

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